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Upper Yonge Village Daycare Centre in Toronto

Infant Program


  • Our Infant Program is for children ages 0 - 18 months
  • With a maximum occupancy of 10 infants
  • And a teacher-to-child ratio of 3:10

These are your child's early developmental months when they learn about the world mostly through their developing senses.  Our Infant Program teachers encourage play with toys that enhance your child's sensory experiences, and encourage socialization skills through activities such as listening to songs, dance, story-time, and art activities. Weather permitting, we encourage age appropriate outside activities such as daily walks in strollers or supervised playground time.

This is likely the first time that your child is away from you for any extended period of time, and we help your child become comfortable and feel secure in a group setting, independent of parents/guardians.

Through our Infant Program, your child becomes increasingly independent and gains the skills necessary to successfully transition into our Toddler Program.


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